Xprog m 5 48 software programs

Support for readwrite ecumcu chip eeprom programming. Package come with t420 laptop, hard disk and usb dongle, more convenient and secure. There is antivirus program in your laptop, or your operating system do not support our software. This is the only version xprogm can decypte new version bmw cas4. No operation system limitation, software can be installed on windows xp, 7. Xprogm box is an universal car ecu programmer,supports more than 500 units, v5. Can not work with virtual hard disk please close the antivirus programmer before starting the. Each xprogbox has a unique 16byte hardware id that helps identify your xprog and solve the potential problems. Latest version xprog box ecu programmer xprog m v5. Full authorization xprog is with all authorization license. Uninstall all the old xprogm, or xprog box software, make sure that your pc. Xprogm programmer is obd2 repair better version xprog programmer. After install, open software and click update xprog 5.

If not, the hardware will be damaged, and will lose its warranty. How to active xprog 5 72 xprog m 5 72 ecu programming tools. I was thinking about upgrading my xprog box so i thought i would have little to lose by following. Visited 198 times, 3 visits today who views this also viewed. Disable antivirus program when downloading software and running software. The only version xprogm which can decrypt new version. Xprog m ecu programmer updated to latest version v5. Otherwise, the software would not work properly and it may damage your xprog box. And you need have xprog software and xprog box interface to perform data. The xprogbox project is a continuation of the project xprog and now supports more than 450 units serial eeproms, microcontrollers mcu, electronics control units ecu, dashboards, immobilizers, calculators and others. This is the only version for xprogm that can decypte new version bmw cas4. Uninstall all the old version xprogm, or xprog box software, make sure that.

Do not press the update certificate says it works 100%. China xprog ecu programmer device oem xprogm box with. Ecu chip tunning tool xprog box ecu programmer x prog m v5. I am test on win7 32bit free for all and no need pray for password good luck. If your xprog is older version,cannot use this newest dongle to update to xprog 5. I have tested solution how upgrade from xprog m or any xprog box to xprog box 5. With hard disk and usb dongle, it is more convenient and secure. The newest xprog box software is more stable and supports eeprom for more vehicles. Xprogbox, xprogm software, usb drivers, documentation.

There must be two hard drives, at least, i can not work, if only one in the computer. Uninstall all the old xprogm, or xprog box software, make sure that your pc only install our software for our xprogbox 5. Disconnect the internet, or the xprog firmware will be updated. Auth0025 authorized 1142014,high quality with one year warranty. Caution before purchase always request xprog hardware id and send for us for genuine check fake xprog sites. Auto ecu programmer, xprogm several versions xprogm ecu chip tuning programmers are available in. Press the help hardware info and update the firmware 3.

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