Texas record book whitetails by state

Here is the new certified world record whitetail buck outdoorhub reporters 01. In 2015, jacob ayecock took the staterecord buck in drew county, which is the 57th largest typical of all time. This 30inch archery buck lived in an area not known for giants and was shot. We put together a countdown of the highestscoring whitetail buck ever killed according to boone and crockett records. Over the years, many record book deer have come from this great state. Wisconsin buck breaks record north american whitetail. Well deserved for a wonderful man we are glad to call our friend. The 3,950 entries 74 percent of the record book total come from 41 states and 1,254 counties.

These records are stored in a secure location, easily sent to friends and family and will capture valuable data for researchers, wildlife managers and conservationists across the state. Texas 548inch buck big deer big deer big deer blog. Record book whitetails and why you should be hunting out west i would be the first to admit that there is really no better place in north america to. American hunter top 10 states for monster whitetails. View nysbbc record book bucks at the bottom of this page. Keeping records of 4h projects could help you when you apply for college scholarships too. The club published the first trophy record book and developed formulas to rank big game. The end result is the 8thlargest typical whitetail of all time. North texas red river valley group of collin 3, cooke 3, fannin 2 and grayson 1 counties. Coming out of highland county, ohio, this whitetail took top honors for the deer with the longest main beam.

And while it might seem, statistically, that a 160inchplus buck hides in every plum thicket and switch grasslined swale between the missouri and the mississippi rivers. Whitetailed buck poached in denton county couldve been in record books, instead itll be on wall of shame a photo of travis johnson posing with the deer in the daytime began. With well over 500 pictures, including two color sections, every turn of the page reveals another image of texas hunting history. Witt will be chairman of the boone and crockett panel judging committee at the 30th annual big game awards convention on aug. Indiana record book whitetail deer field and stream. In every state that they are hunted 43 of them there is a state record. We started this group for deer breeders to advertise their deer or deer related products. The first step was record book data from the boone and crockett club. Statements like, iowa is a great state for huge bucks are common. Texas biggest open range buck in 100 years texas fish. Welcome to texas bowhunting and bowfishing records.

Mark lee of crosby displays texas newest state record free ranging nontypical whitetail. They taped this massive 11point typical with a green score of just over 196. Because, by recording your activities you can remember all the fun youve had so far, and set future goals. Anywhere wisconsin the badger state is amazing for its sheer number of entries. Antler restrictions the bag limit in this county is two legal bucks, but only one may have an inside spread of inches or greater. Then on slides 2240 youll find the top 20 nontypical bucks of all time. The top 40 typical and nontypical whitetails of all time. Austin the second largest whitetail buck ever in texas could be headed to the record books with an asterisk. Be sure to check the page regularly to view new submissions. With increasing numbers of deer came more interest in trophyclass deer. We are located in the beautiful live oak filled hill country of sutton county in central texas near the historic town of sonora. If you study record book whitetails then you know that wisconsin has long been a hotbed for giant bucks.

Wisconsin is arguably one of the best states in the nation for chasing big whitetails. When this giant buck stepped out, ewen was still messing with his rifle. Distribution has shifted to include the midwestern states, where deer herds are growing, aided by excellent habitat. It can be your first buck, your biggest buck, or anything in between.

Incredibly, the years 19902001 account for 2,811 or 52 percent of the record book entries during this period. The whitetail deer is the most popular game species in the united states. Stephen esker, the ohio hunter who shot a pair of 200class whitetails inside the columbus, ohio city limits in backtoback seasons, shared news with field and stream of yet another dandy ohio whitetail that was taken last night by bow hunter ronnie stevens. In fact, the wildlife management that often goes with that helps the entire herd to thrive. Its worth remembering where americas favorite biggame species stood not so long ago at the brink of extinction, said ben wallace, club president. You will be hunting in the edwards plateau, or texas hill country which is one of the best known. Read about the states top whitetail deer within dozens and dozens of stories about the hunt itself. We start things off by setting the record straight on the 201 78 inch typical buck killed in frio county this month. Whopper whitetails some of the biggest bucks in the wild. Its no great secret that year in and year out, the state of iowa produces some of the finest boone and crockett trophy whitetails entered into this clubs legendary book. The record had previously been held by the james jordan buck, shot in wisconsin in 1914. The game plan was to set up at opposite ends of travel corridor and. The texas bowhunting and bowfishing records tbbr were established in 1975 by the lone star bowhunting association for the purpose of collecting and recording the data of various species of mammals, fish, and fowl, taken by legal and ethical standards within the state of texas with bow and arrow.

The top states for boone and crockett whitetails in the last 10. There has never been a more complete volume of recordkeeping than this 576 page, hard cover, book. Virginia has always been over looked, and nearly forgotten about, as a state from which world class whitetails can be harvested. Why is it important you keep a record of your 4h activities. Species info archery endorsement required for archery hunting north zone bag limit 4 deer, no more than 2 bucks, and no more than 2 antlerless, all seasons combined. This list takes every states record and ranks it according to its boone and crockett score. Hunters in texas have killed 200 bucks since 2010 that made book. Non typical state record whitetails ranked whackstar hunters. The second largest whitetailed buck ever in texas was poached by a denton county man after legal hunting hours and on property he didnt have. Incredibly, the years 19902001 account for 2,811 or 52% of the record book entries during this period. Jerry has finally received the official score for his monster buck.

Georgia dnr, wildlife resources division hunting deer. This stunning game commission patch, available only to those trophy owners who have a listing in the record book, is sure to become a highly collectible and coveted item. William dooley shot the states largest nontypical in prairie county. The current state record, a buck killed by dave wachtel in sumner county in 2000, grossed 256 points and netted 244 38. Whopper whitetails the biggest bucks on record grand. Simons ran the tape multiple times and thinks the antlers will gross around 292 inches and net around 289. Each year some huge deer come from the badger state, and its one place you wont have to pay a lot for the opportunity to get your name in the record book. There has been much speculation about this monster ten point which is the largest typical deer ever killed in texas. Virginia whitetails is a fast growing group of hunters who share a love for whitetail hunting, virginia, and big bucks. Serious hunters choose recordbuck because we consistently harvest some of the biggest trophies in the world.

Much of missouri has gently rolling hills, plenty of water and agriculture, private ground that serves as deer sanctuaries and a healthy and expanding deer herd. Texas buck registry is a central place for all hunters in the state of texas to post pictures of their harvest each season. Whitetailed buck poached in denton county couldve been. While other counties have produced recent booners including the panhandles hemphill county 4. In terms of record book entries, wisconsin is right at the top. What you may not be aware of is the fact that the wisconsin archery typical record has now been broken three times in the past four seasons. Here is the new certified world record whitetail buck.

According to the club, the number of trophy whitetails entered in their record book has jumped 400 percent over the past 30 years. The bucks curiosity kept it in place long enough for ewen to get the gun working. On slides 221 youll find the top 20 typical bucks actually 21 because theres a tie of all time. Duck dynastys jase robertson, new texas state record. We have launched a whitetail records app that includes all of the record book deer. Its great for the resource but thats a discussion for another time. The patch, which features a bull elk, bear and buck on a keystone state outline, was designed by wellknown graphic designer mark anderson. Recordbuck ranch is the premier destination for yearround hunting in texas, with trophy whitetail deer, over 50 species of exotics, and plenty of elk, turkey, pheasant, and texas dove hunts. Around 54 percent of the bucks killed in 20 were yearlings, however, and this combined with low temps and large amounts of snow earn wisconsin a spot on our list. We have been working on this for a long time and hope you will enjoy scrolling through the record books on your phone. As the definitive history book of trophy whitetail deer in north america, the much anticipated fourth edition of the boone and crockett club publication, records of north american whitetail deer is now available. Also, interestingly enough, famous whitetail states such as texas. The top 10 counties during this period are in wisconsin, minnesota and texas.

A prairie county whitetail, it barely eclipsed the ward bucks score, which was picked up five years earlier. This page was designed for members to upload photos of their new york state record book whitetails. Congratulations are in order for mark barrett and the las raices ranch for bettering their very own state whitetailed deer record. Texas remains the proverbial ground zero for recordbook bucks in. Missouri is a state that has a welldeserved reputation for producing recordbook whitetails every year. Maine has more typical whitetails in the books than any other northeastern state. Theres nothing wrong about pursuing giant whitetails. Part of the reason is because of the habitat and relatively mild winters. Yes, i just used virginia and big bucks in the same sentence. And so too does a look at the most recent record trends to come from the lone star state since 20. This greatlyexpanded edition includes over 7,500 listings of whitetail deer from the boone and crockett clubs records program, which was started in 1932. The monster received a final panel score of 2 58 net points.

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