Hemocue glucose 201 pdf control logic

The control is not suitable for use with the hemocue 5. The hemocue glucose systems are developed to give correct results on fresh whole blood. Lab accurate glucose test diabetes diagnosis hemocue. Hemocue diabetes systems deliver labquality results when your patients need them most at the time of care. Not only does the unique cuvette technology enable the accuracy in just three simple steps. Pdf validation of masimo pronto 7 and hemocue 201 for. Quality control or proficiency test procedure purpose. Liquid control solutions the hemocue glucose system must be verified on the days of testing using at least one level of liquid control. Anemia prevention and control strategies include improved dietary intake. Pdf objective to evaluate the accuracy and precision of hemocue.

Shop and purchase your hemocue testing equipment and supplies by clicking on the link above. Glucose test hemocue glucose 201 system faq hemocue. Not available in the us, for corresponding us product, see. Hemocue america glucose 201 analyzer small, handheld dedicated instrument that is based on the glucose dehydrogenase method manufacturer. The hemocue system can be controlled daily with whole blood, haemolysate, serum or waterbased controls. Hemocue is committed to being a global leader in the professional pointofcare testing market with products and services of high quality.

Hemocue america glucose 201 analyzer glucose 201 analyzer. Capillary, venous or arterial whole blood may be used. Here you will find useful instructional videos for a number of hemocue pointofcare testing solutions. Translating the a1c assay into estimated average glucose values. Clean side arm selftest performed high control low control tech initials range. Compliance with applicable national laws, regulations and standards. This manual provides the basic instructions for use as well as technical specifications. We will accomplish this by the following top management commitments. Evaluation of the hemocue glucose 201 roomtemperature. Hemocue glucose 201 microcuvettes 110706 from 4md medical. Seite 51 quality control hemocue glucose 201 rt analyzer the hemocue glucose 201 rt analyzer has an internal the analyzer can be stored and transported at 050 c quality control, the selftest. Evaluation of the hemocue glucose 201 room temperature. Fill the microcuvette with the control solution recommended by hemocue and carry out the measurement in accordance with steps 1215 in section measuring.

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